Elizabeth Badger, candidate for LAUSD School Board (3rd District) is CEO/Founder of Minority Outreach Committee, Inc. a nonpartisan non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to encourage and facilitate political, economic and social development within and between the minority and majority Los Angeles communities. Elizabeth is also and co-owner/office manager for a small family-owned business.


A graduate from California State University Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and Masters in Public Administration/Policy.  She is also graduate of University of Southern California’s Los Angeles African American Women Public Policy Institute.


Elizabeth is a woman of faith, who attends West Angeles Church of God in Christ where she participates in the minister of music department, which is led and is mentored by Bishop Charles Blake, Sr.  Elizabeth works with many organizations that help to foster the same tenants of her non-profit organization. Board of Directors for North Los Angeles County Regional Center and organization that support the disabled.


Elizabeth is a life-long Democrat; but strongly believes that inclusion and social charity is not the ownership of one particular political group. “We, being proprietors of God’s will; it is our responsibility to ignore political aisles or boundaries, and treat ALL human beings as God intended with value and dignity”. 


A proud delegate to both the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions in Denver, Colorado/Charlotte, N.C respectively.  Elizabeth has received a number of awards, honors and letters of support from local, state, national leaders; including Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Democrat of Year from Los Angeles Democratic Party.


Elizabeth is a mother of six children (3 biological children and 3 step children). They are: Lucas and Madison, who are in LAUSD high school and Freshman CSUN respectively, Aami, who works in customer service; Heather, who works with the (DMV) State of California; Adam who works with the US Homeland Security, and Brett, a Staff Sergeant with the USMC.  Both of her older sons are United States Marines, and have served 2 tours in the Iraq War.


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