I believe our community, city and state are made better when our children can receive a quality world-class education. As a parent of special needs children in LAUSD system, I have a personal stake in the future of LAUSD.  We can no longer claim to be the most superior and influential city on earth, with an inferior educational system!


Education, I believe, is one of the leading Civil Rights issues of this era. Our children are withering on the educational vine, and we can no longer turn a blind eye to the inefficiencies in our LAUSD public schools system. From elementary to secondary, schools must have the resources and competency needed to provide a balanced, equitable and world-class curriculum for all children.


LAUSD Education Board works for the public, and serves as our children’s last line of defense. They deserve a school board that is transparent and ethical while making policy decisions on their behalf. I plan to insure that our children have access to a free, fair and appropriate fully-accessible public education by working to provide:


Early Childhood Intervention

Invest in early childhood education. Data demonstrate that the greatest challenges facing our communities, from school dropout rates, to crime, to the ability to compete in the global marketplace, can be met by focusing on the early childhood intervention.


When children show up to kindergarten ready to learn, their educational struggle will be minimized their entire lives. Therefore, I believe that investing in early childhood programs are the most cost-effective way to ensure healthy development and offer the greatest and measurable return to society.



I believe one of the most important issues plaguing our schools today is Safety on campus. When our children do not feel safe at school, everything else is secondary. I will work to make sure that students and staff feels safe by working to upgrade safety procedures, and provide more security on every campus. Implement training in safety procedures for students and staff, and will be updated to reflect the topography of each campus. 


Reducing Dropout Rate

Dropout is a product of ineffective resources and lack of reaching out to our children who are leaning in the wrong direction. How can a child make it all the way to high school with the basic skills of a 3rd grader? This is because resources and efforts were never implemented to identify them in their early education. Our children should not need “luck” to get a good education. We must work to deliver a quality education to our schools.  We must and can do better!


We must make sure our children are remaining in school. Dropouts are not just children with questionable attendance records. They are children who have been allowed to fall through the cracks.


It is our responsibility to find ways to identify these children early, and fill in the cracks before they are allowed to fail.


The LAUSD board, teachers and principals need to be held accountable. I will work to support measures to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of administrators, teachers and schools. I will fight to make sure that all schools (traditional and charter) are held to the same set of standards, and are offering the same opportunities to students regardless of race, skill level, economic status, and/or special need or disability.


Standardized testing is important in evaluating students. But, it should not be the only tool that measures a child’s educational worthiness or even a teacher’s ability to teach.  Schools are spending more time on the measurement of learning; rather than the learning itself. Education is so much larger than any standardized test.


I will work to make sure that teachers are not spending all their day preparing to fill in the appropriate standardized test bubble, rather than teaching the whole curriculum.


Providing Equitable/Sufficient Resources

LAUSD Board is our children’s last and only line of defense. Parents should be welcomed at both their children’s schools, as well as to the office of their board representative. Parents should have more access on campuses, and not be made to feel like strangers in their own child’s educational lives!


 The quality of our school depends on the people who have devoted their lives, time, talents and treasures to their uplift.  I will work to make sure our teachers/staff are receiving their proper support. This includes wages, professional development and tools needed to properly educate our children.


I will also work to bring the necessary support staff, including administrative staff, nurses and counselors, janitorial staff, back to pre-recession levels.


Parents Participation and Inclusion

LAUSD Board is our children’s last and only line of defense. Parents should be welcomed at both their children’s schools, as well as to the office of their board representative.  Parents should have more access on campuses, and should not be made to feel like strangers in their own child’s educational lives!


I will work to increase parent participation on campuses by opening parent centers, and will make all effort to have important parent meetings that are more conducive to parent work schedules. During contract negotiation a parent representative should always be part of negotiations.


Educational Curriculum

LAUSD Curriculums ought to be accessible to all children.  Although post-secondary education should be our goal, statistics state that only a small percentage of children will attend a college/university. Therefore, I will work to bring back vocational training to ensure that children are graduating prepared to join a skilled workforce and transition into careers.


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