New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

   I am Elizabeth Badger, and I am running to be an ADVOCATE for the children in SFV’s District 3 on the LAUSD School Board. I am the Founder of Minority Outreach Committee, Inc. a nonpartisan non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to encourage and facilitate educational, economic, political and social development within our community. I am on the Board of Trustees for North Los Angeles County Regional Center and a 20+ year owner of a small family-owned business here in SFV.

    I received all my higher educational training in Los Angeles as a graduate from California State University Northridge with a Masters of Arts in Political Science, Bachelor of Arts and also a graduate of USC’s Public Policy Institute.

   I am a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter.  I am a children's advocate, a community organizer, and a woman of Faith.  I love my God, my family and my community.  I am a citizen wanted and needing to make a difference.

I decided to run for school board because our children are in dire need of representation that will advocate for, and put their needs first. Our children are failing, because the system has failed them.  

   As a mother of a special needs son, on the autism spectrum, I understand the importance of early educational intervention and wrap around supports that aligns with each child’s independent needs. I plan to be a Champion for early childhood intervention, special education, school safety, and making “real/tangible” investments in ALL of our children’s education.  


   As a disability advocate, I have seen, first-hand, the abuse being perpetrated on our children by a system that claims to have their best interest. They have been misused, neglected, pushed-out and trapped in a broken system far too long.  

They deserve better! Our community deserve better! I have spoken with many parents, in our community, about the state of our children's education. The main point of agreement is that we have grown tired of this current LAUSD system moving in the same direction, and going nowhere FAST!


   It is time we have board representation who CARES about our children.  A representative who will stand with, advocate for, and put their needs first. A representative who recognizes that one entities light, does not go out, because another one shines.  A member who will work to build bridges of hope, rather than aligning with the stagnation and backward thinking of the status quo! 

I truly believe our community is made better when our Children can receive a free, fair and appropriate 21st Century world-class education!  


Our children matter…I intend to bring a fresh perspective to LAUSD School Board, by creating an Educational Movement, featuring our children, parents, teachers/staff and communities.


 I would be so humbled and honored if you would join our Movement. We CAN do this together!!!              --Elizabeth--



© 2023 by  Elizabeth Badger